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    Missionary life. Everyday haps. Christian meditations. Odessa. Ukraine.

    Our wills submitted to infinitely wise Sovereign design we desire to achieve our heart's earnest dream. This dream to fulfill God's purpose in our one short life may unfold right before our eyes in a transparent and real way as we all witness everything from the scheming to the final product. The primary aim? Make disciples of Christ.

    Please follow us and be a valuable part of our sending team by remembering to keep us in your prayers! Missions exist because world wide worship of Jesus doesn't.

    ‎"It is a safe thing to trust Him to fulfill the desires which He creates" Amy Carmichael

Project Odessa Life HOLIDAY Update | Holiday Shopping for Missions!

   SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS Hello Jacoby and Lera here! This month we are going to keep this update short and sweet and just ask for gobs o’ prayer! We have a couple very important short and sweet announcements first! ~Please keep your eyes peeled for the Christmas letter coming soon to your physical mailing address! (If … Continue reading

Some say Jesus was a lunatic? | Project Odessa Life Prayer Update

  Liar, Lunatic, or LORD? Amazingly at camp this summer, after having repeated the Gospel explicitly in numerous ways, you come to realize how real spiritual blindness is. Even moments after explaining the Gospel to people and asking them to articulate it back, you hear all kinds of distortions. You can literally see the spiritual … Continue reading

Mile Marker |Jacoby's First Expositional Message |Genesis 3:1-9

  Genesis 3:1-9 “Serpentology”   …let’s feed upon Christ incarnate, God’s very Word!   This morning we are going to talk about something everyone has in common. From Ghandi to Eminem, Mother Mary to Joseph Stalin, from Charlie Sheen to Constantine’s mother Helen, from Yanokovich to the Dahli Llama. It’s a thing called sin.   … Continue reading

Gospel Centrality on Mission

 Here’s something I wrote up today for a particular ministry starting up, working together with people of different churches. This is to be doubly sure that we all have a good understanding of what we agree on concerning the Gospel centrality of the mission.   Would you sign it?   All of these affirmations and … Continue reading

Valeriia's Update ~ September 2012

Good day friends! Do you remember being in love? Do you remember how it was? Do you remember not sleeping and not eating or eating too much? It draws you to the person you are in love with. You want to be near all the time, you want to hold hands all the time and … Continue reading

How Do I Know What Decision God Wants Me To Make?

For a list of Bible verses on God’s Moral Will, CLICK HERE. Check out these internet articles and blogs on God’s will by Jack Wellman, John Piper, R.C. Sproul, and a long list on Monergism’s website! Some great audio teachings by John MacArthur on youtube blog, James MacDonald (4 part teaching for purchase) or (for … Continue reading

Project Odessa Life | Monthly Ministry/Prayer Update | August 2012

Did you know? Ukraine is considered to be 79.01% Christian by Operation World. According to Wikipedia a survey from 2006 indicates: Eastern Orthodox – 26.8% Catholic – 5.9% Protestants – 0.9% Jewish – 0.1% other – 3.8% no affiliation/not aware – 62.5% The Orthodox and the Catholics do not believe the Gospel means Jesus + … Continue reading

Most Memorable Messages!

I thought it would be worth my while and yours to throw together a quick blog of my most memorable sermons. This is a list of sermons which, for the last ten years of my life, have for some reason or other been the most memorable to me. Be blessed as you listen to hear … Continue reading

Friends in the Foxhole

There is a striking contrast between those living a peaceful, routine, Disneylandish sort of life at home and those who must face tragic realities of war or oppression as a normal part of life. There are many accurate parralels which can be made between war and our spiritual lives as Christians, as the Church. The … Continue reading

If You Only Read One….Make It This One!

Monthly Ministry/Prayer Update The last couple weeks at camp has been one of the most fruitful and worthwhile things I have ever been involved in! To hear more just follow the link to the NEW VIDEO UPDATE. If you only ever watched just one of my video updates, please make it THIS ONE. 🙂   … Continue reading

Project Odessa Life | Monthly Ministry/Prayer Update | June 2012

   Watch this months update on video:     Scroll to the bottom to read up on our current prayer requests!        7th of July English Club Picnic    PRAYER REQUESTS   1. Mark and Kim (the head pastor we are interning under) just returned a couple weeks ago from the States. Please pray for them … Continue reading

Ministry Journal ~ Entry 1

A new addition has just been amended to the blog. Weekly, as time allows, I will be reflecting on various ministry endeavors and journaling what God is teaching me or challenging me with through ministry and the people we meet. A special emphasis will be placed on the growth of our outreach and friendships with … Continue reading