Lera’s November Update

Hello my friends!
Happy Thanksgiving! I have a lot to thank God for! I have learned a lot from our pastor and teacher friends who came to teach us in the Seaside Missionary Training Center. One thing I believe I benefited greatly from is the week we were encouraged to do spiritual disciplines, specifically, prayer, bible reading and study, memorizing passages, fasting, service, meditation, stewardship of time and money. Which is so important, they are our lifeline for living a life pleasing to God, and I can’t teach others to do something I’m not doing myself.

Another week we focused on Inductive Bible Study where I saw more clearly the importance of seeing the subject of a passage and why the author wrote it in order to see the context and the purpose in order to avoid error when interpreting God’s Word.

We studied many other subjects also. Among them was Biblical Counseling. Spiritual Disciplines, Inductive Bible Study, Biblical Counseling, and short term missions my husband and I decided will be my four areas of ministry focus throughout my life. Not to mention helping out with the kids at church and the worship team.

But I have something I am especially thankful for. I am thankful to God for my husband that He gave him passionate heart to serve. Encouraging me to do my disciplines just being an example for me. It is so amazing to have one mind and to serve together. The Training Center has encouraged me to do things that I didn’t really do before, such as, one on one discipleship. After lots of time in prayer, for the girls I am working with, I found another young Christian girl who needs help and spiritual support. Of course I will learn a lot from it as well. You can pray for me so that God would use it to help me grow as I am helping others grow. It is hard to see good girls who are not saved yet. But I am not kinder than God and I know He is able to save them if it is His will.

God put in my heart to do a women’s bible study. For some time we were learning about the women in Genesis. Not long ago we had a trivia game for girls with questions about all of women in Genesis. We had a lot of fun and found out that we learned a lot about them.  I like to see the faith of the women in the Bible, their courage, experiences and tests.  Although we don’t Know much about Hagar for example, she is often seen in a negative light, but God loved her and showed His love for her in the desert even though she made mistakes.

Sunday in the worship service, I was reminded by God very important things. Everything that God gave me, my time for example, can become an idol for me if I consider it mine. It is not up to me to spend my time however I want to, but How God wants it. So it encouraged me to do even more for God than I already do. To spend more time in studying my bible and sacrificing my time for other people.

And as the Training Center is close to the end we are starting to build more certain plans. I will continue to do what I already do but also I am planning on helping the other girls however I can to disciple them. Jacoby is going to continue helping with the English club, men’s group on Wednesday morning and discipleship with guys. You can pray for him as he will begin studying Russian intensively soon.

Please pray for:
1. God’s work through us in the city of Odessa.
2. That God would provide for our financial needs for God’s mission here.
3. Open visa for me so we would be able to go to the U.S. in spring
4. Exams that I need to pass from my distance University. It will be tough.
5. Masha that she would accept Christ, Ariadna a 17 year old girl I disciple, and Lidia my accountability partner.

A prayer for you:

“Loving God! Please give my friends the spirit of wisdom that is teachable and teach them the knowledge of Your Son. Let Jesus dwell in their hearts so they would reach people with the Gospel. Strengthen them in Your Word and send them in places you prepared for them: in their home, in their neighborhood, on their job and in other countries. So they would live a life that glorifies You and would grow in Your grace.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

“Tell of His glory among the nations, His wonderful deeds among all the peoples. For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised.”

1 Chronicles 16:24-25

"Worship in songs"


"Sunday school"








“Worship Night at Living Hope Church”

“Trivia game for girls (Women of Genesis)”

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