Ministry Journal ~ Entry 1

A new addition has just been amended to the blog. Weekly, as time allows, I will be reflecting on various ministry endeavors and journaling what God is teaching me or challenging me with through ministry and the people we meet. A special emphasis will be placed on the growth of our outreach and friendships with the homeless youth of Odessa. This week I was quite challenged as I am broken for these people and challenged to think about the reality of the world they must face every day.

Please drop in now and again and continue to keep us in prayer!

We didn’t take any pictures this time being it was our first meeting with these three, Ivan, Natasha, and Alla, however, there will be plenty to come. Please pray for them and for our meeting with them and others next Wed at the park.

To get involved in helping us reach these people made in God’s image, visit our SOCKS IN A BOX PAGE!

For those of you curious about the Simply the Story teaching method I mentioned, visit the Simply The Story website.

“Lord, it is nothing for You to help, whether with many or with those who have no power; help us, O Lord our God, for we rest on You, and in Your name we go…You are our God.” ~2 Chronicles 14:11


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