Most Memorable Messages!

I thought it would be worth my while and yours to throw together a quick blog of my most memorable sermons. This is a list of sermons which, for the last ten years of my life, have for some reason or other been the most memorable to me. Be blessed as you listen to hear from the LORD!! Be sure to let me know your thoughts after listening!

S.M. Lockridge “That’s My King!”

That’s My King! from Albert Martin on Vimeo.

C.J. Mahaney on legalism “Enjoying Grace and Detecting Legalism”

C.J. Mahaney on modesty “The Soul of Modesty”

C.J. Mahaney “The Scream of the Damned”

The Scream of the Damned from Sovereign Grace Ministries on Vimeo.

John MacArthur on preaching “Preach the Word”

John MacArthur – Preach the Word from Randall Creasey on Vimeo.

Matt Chandler on the Gospel “Explicit Gospel”

The Explicit Gospel from Gospel Alliance New England on Vimeo.

Sam Storms on Jonathan Edwards on heaven “Joy’s Eternal Increase: Edwards on the Beauty of Heaven”

Mark Driscoll on Jesus “Is Jesus the Only God?”

Mark Driscoll on Men “Marriage and Men”

Mark Driscoll on Singleness “Single Like Jesus”

Mark Driscoll on Church Planting in the City”Church Planting in Corinth”

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron on Evangelism “Hells Best Kept Secret”

Hell’s Best Kept Secret from Slide Forward on Vimeo.

Paul Washer on being a man “Be a Man…Biblically”

Ken Graves on Manning Up “Man Up”

Man Up Men’s Conference 3 of 3 – Pastor Ken Graves from Calvary Chapel Central Maine on Vimeo.

John Piper in Romans on God’s Glory “To Him Be Glory Forevermore”

John Piper on the Life and Ministry of Athanasius “Contending for Our All”

John Piper on Killing Sin “How to Kill Sin Part I and II”

John Piper on Missions “Doing Missions When Dying Is Gain”

Arturo Azurdia on the Doctrines of Grace

James MacDonald on Finding God’s Will “The Way of Wisdom Part I and II”

James McDonald on Philippians “I Choose Joy” Series (sorry this one isn’t free)

Tim Keller on Idolatry “Smashing False Idols: III Parts”

Voddie Baucham on the Bible “Why I Choose to Believe the Bible”

Voddie Baucham “The Supremacy of Christ and Truth in a Postmodern World”

The Supremacy of Christ and Truth in a Postmodern World from David Jimenez on Vimeo.

R.C. Sproul on “The Holiness of God” IV Parts

David Platt on the Christian Life “Radical Risk, Radical Reward”

Radical Risk, Radical Reward from Cross Church on Vimeo.

The Revival Hymn Preacher Compilation

Francis Chan on Love and Thinking



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