Valeriia's Update ~ September 2012

Good day friends!

Do you remember being in love? Do you remember how it was? Do you remember not sleeping and not eating or eating too much? It draws you to the person you are in love with. You want to be near all the time, you want to hold hands all the time and you want to keep talking without stopping. You open messages that you got on your phone and can’t wait to read it and then you can’t wait to reply. You wake up and first thing you think is … you are in love!!! The bad news is that this feeling of being “IN LOVE” goes away and you forget what it is.

It’s been a long time since I wrote my prayer letter. I had so much going on that I don’t know what to tell. First of all it was a blessed few months for us. God was teaching a lot and showing a lot. God was opening doors and giving new opportunities working with the homeless and getting to know new people who are interested in reaching out to the people in Odessa Ukraine. God was answering my prayers, which I am going to share with you.


The major thing I am going to share about is camp. God was doing a lot there for his people. It was so hard. Sometimes I thought I would sleep in the hallway while trying to put young adults to sleep. But it was very fruitful. We had a great team from South Africa, Canada, USA, Australia helping us form relationships with Ukrainians. In just one week they helped us build relationships with people that would have taken us years to build. They were very open and friendly with campers and that helped campers to be open with them. We are thankful to God for sending such help to us. We had about 90 campers total in the first camp and 70 in the second. All of them had heard the Gospel every day and quite a few responded and angels were singing in the heavens praising God for them.

“In just one week they helped us build relationships with people that would have taken us years to build.”


Tanya and Masha

After camp 2011 and before camp 2012 I was praying for a few girls and calling them often, trying to help with what I can, reminding them about what Jesus has done and waiting for a response and guess what? Most of the time my hands would go down cause I didn’t see that something is changing. Such a joy was to see BIG changes in them after they went to camp this time. Two girls that I was praying for now can say that they are saved by their Lord Jesus Christ. With both girls we meet for discipleship and reading the bible, searching for the answers for their questions. What a surprise for me was to see how big is their hunger for God’s Word. This is what I call BEING IN LOVE. Sometimes I just get calls during a day and get all kinds of questions, it seems that they never stop thinking.

Growing in Love

Kate is our new and very good friend!

…“It is like I was writing a journal and then God took it from me and burned it and gave me a new journal and said to fill it in with a new life”, said the girl after running into her room in camp. I found her in the room because I expected her to be in the room with people who was praying and asking Jesus to be their Lord. It was a joy for me to hear these words because it was what I felt the first time when I made this main decision in my life. I remembered what followed afterwards. The same as this girl, I was happy to tears that I am not alone any more and that now I start a new life with the Lord Jesus. I was in love as this girl now. It is so rare to see someone coming back home in all these problems and be even more IN LOVE WITH GOD. She kept reading the Bible and making a list of all the questions which she was going to ask later. And after us talking at the ‘girls meeting’, about how people can easily forget to talk to God, she was sending me messages “DO NOT FORGET TO PRAY”!
That was such an encouragement for me. I missed this “BEING IN LOVE”. I remember when I was like that, and it happened many times with me but it is so easy to forget what it is. And now I am trying to go back there. Wake up and think about my Lord, go to sleep and think about Him again. Read His word and be impatient about finding out something new about Him. Praying all day about different small things.

Masha, Kate, and I

Your First Love

I encourage you do not forget how wonderful it is to seek God every minute of your life. Be blessed with the FIRST LOVE in your life. Seek Him in the morning and seek Him all day long. Open His word and see what new words of love He wants to share with you.
Thank you for praying for us and the ministry in Odessa, Ukraine. We praise the Lord for you as you are prayfully supporting us. We need your prayers. And you can see from my letter that He answers a lot.

My dear husband Jacoby and I

Please pray for:

Jacoby’s learning Russian.
Us working with the homeless at a religiously neutral organization.
Doing a new bible study for young adults.
My health.
My exams in University that is coming soon. Thank you again for your faithfulness in prayers. God bless you richly!

‘To say that I am made in the image of God is to say that love is the reason for my existence, for God is love.’
– Thomas A Kempis

Pray for Alla (girl without home)

Pray for Natasha (girl without home)

Pray for guys from the camp who did and did not make the decision

1-st camp group

2-nd camp group

Tanya, Kate, Kimberly, Lera



Mexican Food Party at our apartment

Craft party for girls

Church baptism!


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