Some say Jesus was a lunatic? | Project Odessa Life Prayer Update


Liar, Lunatic, or LORD?

Amazingly at camp this summer, after having repeated the Gospel explicitly in numerous ways, you come to realize how real spiritual blindness is. Even moments after explaining the Gospel to people and asking them to articulate it back, you hear all kinds of distortions. You can literally see the spiritual veil before their eyes as they explain their understanding of the Gospel as having something to do with everything from baptistic regeneration to a mesh of familial and traditional ties.

Last month my wife and I threw a Mexican food party at our house. When returning to Ukraine I always stock up on Trader Joes Taco Seasoning. We’re out! Five weeks after our summer English Camps we thought it would be a great way to get people together again. With 7 kilos of beef, 4 kilos of homemade salsa chicken, and a happy face pinata, we managed to squeeze 40 guests into our small one bedroom flat. Many of our visitors we hadn’t seen since camp and we all had a great time.

At the end of the party I gave a slide presentation on differing theories people have of who Jesus was and explained that ultimately we had to judge between liar, lunatic, or LORD. You can cover every base apologetically, but unless the Holy Spirit opens their spiritual eyes, our friends remain spiritually blind. That’s why we ask you all to pray for the people you see here in the pictures! Praise God that He’s given us so many opportunities to continue loving them and speaking truth into their lives! When it’s all said and done, in some people’s personal lives, Jesus just as well could’ve been a lunatic. Pray He becomes what He truly is, for them– LORD.



Mexican Food Party! Keeping the International Appeal. 🙂



Please pray for Kate, Mary, Pasha, Ira, Vova, Sasha, Lusya, Marina, Dima, Sasha, Katya, Oksana, Zhenya, Alex, and Andre




Tract Project: Who Do You Say I Am?

It must be the theme of the month. Last month and stretching into this month we have been working on a tract concerning differing theories of Christ compared to His own claims to be God and the exclusive savior! We will soon, Lord willing, be translating and publishing it in Russian, possibly with our new Ukrainian friends at Grace Publishing. We are eagerly looking forward to sharing with you all the finished work!

As usual, discipleship and investing in people’s lives one on one is an emphasis of our ministry. Please pray that this continues to multiply!
English Clubs

Last month I was excited to do an English Club presentation on Archeology and the Bible, teaching English and biblical history simultaneously.



The Way Home

We visited the head of The Way Home, a non gov, religiously neutral center, which works with homeless people and addicts in Odessa. They are the largest organization working with the homeless and HIV infected in Ukraine and have been around for 25 years. We will begin volunteering with them going out on Social Patrol to bring some homeless kids food and volunteering in other ways to better aquaint ourselves with the homeless, their whereabouts, and individual needs. This is all within the perspective of planning for a larger future project serving needy people in Odessa which we hope includes homeless, impoverished, abused, addicted, HIV infected, alcoholics, prostitutes, orphans and others.


Visual Design, Redemption Book, & PRAISE REPORT!

Another small ministry is helping with poster design for the church, although I wouldn’t consider myself an expert by any means, simply doing our best to be presentable.

The church has been maxing out it’s seating capacity for awhile now and is having difficulty finding a new place to meet. Please keep this in prayer!

We finished up going through Mike Wilkerson’s phenomenal book, Redemption, on Tuesday nights and began a teaching series with discussions on Singleness.

Also, we are very happy that a ministry friend has decided to help with a large portion of the needed funds for the translation of the Redemption book by our friends at In Lumine!



Bloggin it!
This month we did a little blogging.

A video blog on God honoring decision making.

Lera dropped in on the blog with a great update about loving God!

A Fresh Gospel Statement of Belief

Revised our Vision & Mission Statement

An audio of my first expositional sermon, Serpentology.


Prayer Requests
1. Please keep our unsaved friends in prayer and our newly saved friends. Please pray for our follow up and discipleship efforts!
2. Please pray for us as we begin venturing into a new season building the core of a future church planting team. Pray for our new Friday night meetings.
3. Please pray for me as I prepare to teach a World Religions class at the Missionary Training Center next month.
4. Please pray for me as I have begun studying the Russian language intensively. Believe me, prayer is needed! 🙂
5. Please pray for the church to find a new bigger building! Please pray for God to send people to physically serve with us long term in Ukraine!
Thank you for reading, praying, and thank you for your partnership in the faith!
Let’s keep advancing the Kingdom together!
Have a blessed day in Jesus!
Jacoby & Lera


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