Project Odessa Life HOLIDAY Update | Holiday Shopping for Missions!


Hello Jacoby and Lera here!

This month we are going to keep this update short and sweet and just ask for gobs o’ prayer!

We have a couple very important short and sweet announcements first!

~Please keep your eyes peeled for the Christmas letter coming soon to your physical mailing address! (If we din’t get your address so sorry. You can send it now and we will be sure to get you next time!)

~Soon we will have an option available on our blog for you to do your holiday shopping on some of the big online shopping sites like Amazon, ebay, Zazzle, Christianbook, and others. It’s a great way to be on our missionary sending team and do all your holiday Christmas shopping at the same time! Avoid all that crazy black Friday madness, help send a missionary out, while getting great deals on the net, and send a small commission our way!

NOTE: We are currently moving our blog to a different hosting server so these features will be up soon. We will post an announcement soon as they are rip ‘n roarin to go!

~We are stepping into a new season on the mission field and beginning the transition away from the Living Hope Church we were serving at. We are still praying for a core team to help us with a future church plant. For now, we will begin a Bible Study out of our home. We would like to ask everyone to prayerfully consider the possibility of long terms missions with us on a church planting team, if you are called to this kind of work. Please get in touch with us. We have ways you can come on short term trips and help us out tremendously to find out if it is a fit for you.

Is it even a slim possibility? Email us and let’s begin talking and praying together.



~Pray for my back. It seems years of fishing might have caught up with one of my lower vertebrae.

~Pray for Lera’s health as well.

~Pray for our future church plant and for a qualified and like minded team!

~Pray about coming to Odessa on a short term trip to see if it’s something you’d possibly step into full time.

~Pray for the souls in Odessa and Ukraine! Missions exist because world wide worship of Jesus doesn’t!

Many Christmas Blessings! Talk to you soon!

Jacoby and Lera!



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