The Vision & Mission

Official Mission Statement
Project Odessa Life is an affiliate of International Messengers, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization and a member of ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability). IM is an International Interdenominational Evangelical missions agency, based out of Clear Lake, IA, with one missionary training center in Libby, MT and another in Odessa, Ukraine.
Project Odessa Life exists with a passion towards the ultimate objective of seeing God glorified, above all, in all the earth. Under this ultimate objective are several supportive strategic aims we personally work zealously towards, as a grace provoked response to the Gospel. This ministry exists to see Jesus worshiped in Ukraine, with a ministry base in Odessa. The pinnacle of God’s glory is displayed in Christ, and we amplify this truth by our worship of Him. This is multiplied and magnified when others join us. Others join us by seeing it for themselves, upon response to our faithful explicit proclamation of the Gospel. They do this better, and begin to multiply worship themselves, when we take part in the Great Commission and make disciples of all nations. For us, this means primarily Ukrainians, who themselves will be discipled with a global missional strategic focus in mind. A biblical church is a missional church.
In order to do this, we must meet people who do not yet understand, in an applicable fashion, the Gospel undistorted. In Ukraine, there exist many non-Gospels, false Gospels and primarily distorted Gospels. Our passion is to be a clear voice and propagate this truth by several creative and effective means. None of this is merely theoretical, but is set into motion in our personal everyday lives. This process starts from the ground up, and we begin by meeting people by serving at English Clubs and handing out flyers to people on the street, writing, translating, and distributing literature towards these aims, English Summer Camps, frequenting the same shops and places in our neighborhoods, inviting newcomers to our homes, organizing other activities, taking public classes, throwing parties, internet projects, playing basketball or soccer, inviting people to church, or however else we can meet people and build relationships with them. From there, we find those who are interested in meeting with us one on one and reading the Bible together to begin a process of discipleship. Oftentimes this involves traveling to their area of the city to meet with them.
Other means by which we aim zealously to glorify God in Odessa and Ukraine are 1) by serving the homeless, HIV infected, prostitutes, the poor, the unreached, through mercy ministries, 2) discipling others to be missional through one on one investments and in corporate settings, such as Church meetings and home studies 3) networking with other Gospel centered pastors around Ukraine, 4) translation projects, 5) stewarding sacrificially our time and money, 6) summer camps, 7) raising awareness about the prayer needs in Ukraine, 9) inviting others to join us on mission from abroad, 9) helping teach at the Seaside Missionary Training Center, 10) various other projects, 9) planting a Church planting Church, and 10) possibly building a discipleship/recreation center.
Recent Ministries

Summer Camps
English Clubs
Teaching and Preaching at Living Hope Church
Worship Team
One on one discipleship
Leading and hosting Friday Night Ladies Night
Visual design
Hospitality Ministries
Tract production
Serving the Homeless
Leading Sunday Morning Prayer
Sunday School for Children
Staff Planning Meetings

Current Focus (Oct 2012)

One one one follow up and discipleship
Raising Support to 100% of need
Learning Russian
Staff Planning Meetings
Friday Night Prayer and Worship
Occasional Speaking Engagements
Working with homeless children and orphans
Finishing Up Tract Writing Project
Translation of ReLit book Redemption
Building core church planting team and instilling long term vision
Teaching World Religions at Training Center
NANC Certification
Further IBS training
Long Term Vision and Mission

Church Plant in the City
Other Video and Translation Projects in Russian
Discipleship/Recreation Center in Odessa
Summer Camps
Mobilizing help from abroad
To the glory of His name!
Jacoby & Lera
There are many ways you can be involved in this mission and vision. One way is by giving. Giving is going. To support this work through sacrificial giving click here.


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