A Christmas Blog from Ukraine

It’s been one year, one month and thirty days since I crossed the Atlantic for the first time and placed my feet on Ukrainian soil.  Odessa is a charming city in its own right, hugging the Black Sea, hiding thousands of trees on the streets behind its many tall rectangular concrete buildings.  The center is … Continue reading

How Thirsty Are You?

Don’t Drink the Water Ukraine is fortunate to have plumbing and running water. Many countries in the world do not. If you are from the U.S. however it is not wise to drink the water. Ukrainian stomachs have been conditioned to it, although I’m not so sure it’s the best thing for them to drink. … Continue reading

A Few Ukrainian Traditions, Foods, & Superstitions

  Recently my wife and I moved into a new flat in Odessa. There is a tradition here when you buy a new flat to have people over for dinner. Well, we didn’t buy the place but decided to celebrate the tradition anyhow, especially since both my wife’s parents had treated us to dinner. Since … Continue reading

A Day of Rest

As we are instructed in Scripture to remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy (Ex. 20:8). We are also taught in Hebrews 4 that Jesus is our Sabbath.  Knowing that the law was fulfilled in Jesus and pointing to the coming of the Christ, we find our rest from works in Him. By faith … Continue reading

My Love for Spice (& Everything Nice)

Well, as if it wasn’t enough already that I’ve “spiced up my love life” substantially upon having an awesome wedding this week, we’re now gonna talk about how I’ve “loved up my spice life”. This is a brand new blog, and as they say to writers, “the best way to learn to write is to … Continue reading