Most Memorable Messages!

I thought it would be worth my while and yours to throw together a quick blog of my most memorable sermons. This is a list of sermons which, for the last ten years of my life, have for some reason or other been the most memorable to me. Be blessed as you listen to hear … Continue reading

Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus | Remixed, Uncut & Raw | Spoken Word

Check out our Rendition of “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus” Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus | Remixed, Uncut & Raw | Spoken Word Created by DOLPHINMedia

US Embassy Kiev Visa Interview | посольство СШ Киев интервью виза

A letter of complaint about the U.S. Consulate Services in Kiev My name is Jacob Nelson.  My wife is a Ukrainian citizen born and raised in Odessa.  I am a U.S. Citizen.  We live in Odessa as Christian missionaries to Ukraine’s people.  Last week my wife applied for a B-2 non-immigrant visa so she could … Continue reading

A Christmas Blog from Ukraine

It’s been one year, one month and thirty days since I crossed the Atlantic for the first time and placed my feet on Ukrainian soil.  Odessa is a charming city in its own right, hugging the Black Sea, hiding thousands of trees on the streets behind its many tall rectangular concrete buildings.  The center is … Continue reading

Thanksgiving 101

Just a video version of a slide show I prepared for English Club last Saturday.  English Club is an outreach we do, teaching people from the city English for free.  Many of them return week after week allowing us to build relationships with them.  I was thankful for the topic of Thanksgiving which gave me … Continue reading

Ukraine a Step Closer to Undemocracy?

Although I do enjoy very much learning about the faith of the founding fathers of America, I have never been one who’s much for politics.  All my life I have found them to be a tremendous bore.  Not to mention I have a hard time trusting any of them.  Maturing in age I see more … Continue reading

How Thirsty Are You?

Don’t Drink the Water Ukraine is fortunate to have plumbing and running water. Many countries in the world do not. If you are from the U.S. however it is not wise to drink the water. Ukrainian stomachs have been conditioned to it, although I’m not so sure it’s the best thing for them to drink. … Continue reading

Monthly Ministry Update ~ June 2011

  Hello friends!   This video was taken in Minneapolis from my friend Justin’s house who’s an evangelist and a missionary and founder of United for the Gospel.   Material covered in the video and a couple things I missed include:   Last months ministry focus: 1. My wife. Newlyweds living life and finishing up … Continue reading

Just Enough Russian To "Get Around"

It’s a little humbling living in a country where you don’t know the language. I remember the first time I sat on Polish airlines and the strangest feeling began to overtake me when I started to realize most the people sitting around me I couldn’t even speak to. Thank God the stewardess said, “Yes”, when I … Continue reading

A Few Ukrainian Traditions, Foods, & Superstitions

  Recently my wife and I moved into a new flat in Odessa. There is a tradition here when you buy a new flat to have people over for dinner. Well, we didn’t buy the place but decided to celebrate the tradition anyhow, especially since both my wife’s parents had treated us to dinner. Since … Continue reading

Quick Hello

Hello friends.  Just dropping in to say a couple things about where we live in Odessa, my morning devotions including Robert Murray McCheyne Bible Reading Plan,  Voices from the Past, Morning and Evening w Allistair Begg, Fighter Verses, Acts29Network, TheResurgence, TheGospelCoalition, and The Story, and mention that I’m needing to do some video editing for the … Continue reading

Lock the Doors

Shortly after moving into our new flat, I decided to put new locks on our door.  The old lock and handle were made of plastic.  Although I was informed later it was probably very sturdy, because it was from the Soviet era and they made everything strong back then.  Most doors in Ukraine are very … Continue reading