Odessa, Ukraine, and the World | Then ’til Now | Part I

Today Ukraine’s population is primarily Slavic, whether Russian, Ukrainian, or Polish.  The Slavs have been here since day one, whenever that was, inhabiting this forrested plain region above the Black Sea, with Mountain ranges jutting up along the east and west side.  In times B.C. the Slavs which occupied the area today known as Ukraine, … Continue reading

How Thirsty Are You?

Don’t Drink the Water Ukraine is fortunate to have plumbing and running water. Many countries in the world do not. If you are from the U.S. however it is not wise to drink the water. Ukrainian stomachs have been conditioned to it, although I’m not so sure it’s the best thing for them to drink. … Continue reading

Just Enough Russian To "Get Around"

It’s a little humbling living in a country where you don’t know the language. I remember the first time I sat on Polish airlines and the strangest feeling began to overtake me when I started to realize most the people sitting around me I couldn’t even speak to. Thank God the stewardess said, “Yes”, when I … Continue reading

Odessa Prayer Needs

    Prayer Needs Odessa, Ukraine           Pray for the salvation of souls and spiritual awakening. Pray for sound doctrine and solid resources in the churches. Pray for corrupt and godless denominations to fall. Pray against the major abortion problem. Pray against corruption in the businesses, police force, politics, teachers, and … Continue reading

Farewell Odessan Bride

Well this week I created a page for this site called “Odessan Bride”. It listed everything an American needs to know, step by step, to marry a Ukrainian in Ukraine. It was slightly complicated for me to figure everything out, but by the grace of God we did it. I wanted to help people with … Continue reading

Quick Hello

Hello friends.  Just dropping in to say a couple things about where we live in Odessa, my morning devotions including Robert Murray McCheyne Bible Reading Plan,  Voices from the Past, Morning and Evening w Allistair Begg, Fighter Verses, Acts29Network, TheResurgence, TheGospelCoalition, and The Story, and mention that I’m needing to do some video editing for the … Continue reading

Game Plan for Project Odessa Life

Statement of Purpose In short, the broad scope of my purpose is that God would be worshiped as He is for who He is.  In order for this to happen I must preach the Gospel in its entirety with both my words and my deeds.  This includes studying, holding, teaching, and defending sound doctrine in … Continue reading