101 Uniquenesses I Noticed in Beautiful Ukraine

   BATHROOMS    1. Toilets in Ukraine are almost always smaller than toilets in America. Perhaps this is to conserve space or money spent on porcelain. Toilets, or “squatters” can sometimes be found in the floor, or even lacking a seat. I have no idea how the babushkas and dadushkas (grandmas & grandpas) can handle … Continue reading



A Christmas Note to Odessa & the World

This week I was upset about the fact that everywhere I go in Odessa I see Grandfather Frost decor and zero nativity sets.  I did manage to find one pretty small one of relatively poor quality.  I have since been informed that many churches do build their own.  It remains very noticeable though that communism … Continue reading

A Christmas Blog from Ukraine

It’s been one year, one month and thirty days since I crossed the Atlantic for the first time and placed my feet on Ukrainian soil.  Odessa is a charming city in its own right, hugging the Black Sea, hiding thousands of trees on the streets behind its many tall rectangular concrete buildings.  The center is … Continue reading

A Few Ukrainian Traditions, Foods, & Superstitions

  Recently my wife and I moved into a new flat in Odessa. There is a tradition here when you buy a new flat to have people over for dinner. Well, we didn’t buy the place but decided to celebrate the tradition anyhow, especially since both my wife’s parents had treated us to dinner. Since … Continue reading

Lock the Doors

Shortly after moving into our new flat, I decided to put new locks on our door.  The old lock and handle were made of plastic.  Although I was informed later it was probably very sturdy, because it was from the Soviet era and they made everything strong back then.  Most doors in Ukraine are very … Continue reading

Homemade Wedding Invitations

For many of our wedding expenses we were able to save money.  It was already so expensive as it turned out, so it was nice that we were able to get better prices on almost everything, except for the fruit punch, which having an intimidating foreign appearance, quickly became very popular and was drunk dry. … Continue reading

My Love for Spice (& Everything Nice)

Well, as if it wasn’t enough already that I’ve “spiced up my love life” substantially upon having an awesome wedding this week, we’re now gonna talk about how I’ve “loved up my spice life”. This is a brand new blog, and as they say to writers, “the best way to learn to write is to … Continue reading