Mile Marker |Jacoby's First Expositional Message |Genesis 3:1-9

  Genesis 3:1-9 “Serpentology”   …let’s feed upon Christ incarnate, God’s very Word!   This morning we are going to talk about something everyone has in common. From Ghandi to Eminem, Mother Mary to Joseph Stalin, from Charlie Sheen to Constantine’s mother Helen, from Yanokovich to the Dahli Llama. It’s a thing called sin.   … Continue reading

If You Only Read One….Make It This One!

Monthly Ministry/Prayer Update The last couple weeks at camp has been one of the most fruitful and worthwhile things I have ever been involved in! To hear more just follow the link to the NEW VIDEO UPDATE. If you only ever watched just one of my video updates, please make it THIS ONE. 🙂   … Continue reading

Special Financial & Prayer Update | April 2012 | Project Odessa Life

  Video edited by Plain English TV   In next months update we will return to our regular update style, and plan to officially and publicly thank everyone for all their generosity and hospitlaity in helping us out on this trip. It is remarkable how God has taken care of us through all of your … Continue reading

Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus | Remixed, Uncut & Raw | Spoken Word

Check out our Rendition of “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus” Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus | Remixed, Uncut & Raw | Spoken Word Created by DOLPHINMedia

Spring 2012 Missions Presentation [Video Outline]

   PRESENTATION OUTLINE:   1. Play this video and take questions. (The video and presentation together take roughly one hours time.)   2. Open in prayer and introduce my wife.   3. Historical highlights of Ukraine in those things most directly influencing the modern culture today.   4. Short Bible lesson on missions within a … Continue reading

A Means to a Means to a Means

Hello everyone. Just some thoughts from the hearts on asking people for money. Have any thoughts? You’re welcome to comment below.     For anyone curious, here is a link to the missions agency which oversees our monthly financial allowance:   INTERNATIONAL MESSENGERS   Link to blog on Scriptural Support for Support Raising —>HERE   … Continue reading



Financing Update/Prayer Update | December 2011

An important note: Lord willing, if everything goes well with the Visa application for Lera, we will be flying into Seattle March 7th just prior to Immersion Group training and returning to Ukraine out of L.A. on June 26th immediately following the Resolved Conference.  We are also hoping to be trained as Kairos Course facilitators … Continue reading

Thanksgiving 101

Just a video version of a slide show I prepared for English Club last Saturday.  English Club is an outreach we do, teaching people from the city English for free.  Many of them return week after week allowing us to build relationships with them.  I was thankful for the topic of Thanksgiving which gave me … Continue reading

English Club!

Every Saturday we meet at our church for English Club.  It is an event designed to teach people English and make opporunities for us to build relationships in our community with a gospel-centered missional agenda.  It works quite well.  People are invited by word of mouth, flyers we hand out in the neighborhood, or whenever … Continue reading

Monthly Ministry Update ~ September 2011

*Slight correction: I said Paul was a Jew and a Gentile.  What I meant was that he was a Jew with Roman citizenship born in a Greek city. Don’t forget to check out, it’ll be well worth the time. STATS: 33% of the world does not have a Gospel preaching church in their culture. 59% … Continue reading

Monthly Ministry Update ~ June 2011

  Hello friends!   This video was taken in Minneapolis from my friend Justin’s house who’s an evangelist and a missionary and founder of United for the Gospel.   Material covered in the video and a couple things I missed include:   Last months ministry focus: 1. My wife. Newlyweds living life and finishing up … Continue reading