Project Odessa Life | Monthly Ministry/Prayer Update | June 2012

Visionaries Wanted! At times I’ve shared my hopes and dreams with friends. I remember once sharing a big dream with someone and after asking him how it sounded, he said it, “sounds like a pipe dream!” Well, whatever be said I can’t be accused of not working hard and not giving it a try. It … Continue reading

Project Odessa Life | Have We Failed? | Monthly Ministry/Prayer Update | May 2012

  Has Project Odessa Life utterly failed before we’ve barely gotten underway?   For the past three months it’s been an intense geographic journey down the West Coast and an intense spiritual journey as well. We had no idea how things would turn out when we stepped out in faith to build a financial and … Continue reading

Official Public Thanks for Everyone’s Help!

Check out the —–>MISSIONS IN THE CONCRETE JUNGLE PRESENTATION VIDEO Check out more of Mike’s artwork at If anyone is interested in a full service ethical financial advisor who can help you manage God’s money and assist with funding of a future building project in Ukraine, CONTACT MATTHEW BURNIAS @ 1-562-217-5391 Check out Thrivent … Continue reading

Special Financial & Prayer Update | April 2012 | Project Odessa Life

  Video edited by Plain English TV   In next months update we will return to our regular update style, and plan to officially and publicly thank everyone for all their generosity and hospitlaity in helping us out on this trip. It is remarkable how God has taken care of us through all of your … Continue reading

Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus | Remixed, Uncut & Raw | Spoken Word

Check out our Rendition of “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus” Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus | Remixed, Uncut & Raw | Spoken Word Created by DOLPHINMedia

What is a Redemption Group?

  I remember reading a blog once by John MacArthur called “Grunge Christianity?“. He severely criticized Mars Hill in Seattle and Mark Driscoll, rather than from a Scriptural defense, the article was highly opinionated. He acused the ministry in Seattle of stunting the sanctification of the church members.   “His defense of substitutionary atonement might … Continue reading

Valeriia’s Update ~ March 2012

  How do you know that you are doing something right?   A few days ago an American team from Iowa came to Odessa to help us minister together. One of the goals that we had during this week was to do English club with people and in the same time to be able to … Continue reading

Monthly Ministry/Prayer Update | March 2012

“But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.” 1 Corinthians 9:27 *To see our SPECIFIC PRAYER REQUESTS, scroll to the bottom. Thank you for praying! There was a man full of the Spirit who went to preach. He prayed and prepared and studied … Continue reading

101 Uniquenesses I Noticed in Beautiful Ukraine

   BATHROOMS    1. Toilets in Ukraine are almost always smaller than toilets in America. Perhaps this is to conserve space or money spent on porcelain. Toilets, or “squatters” can sometimes be found in the floor, or even lacking a seat. I have no idea how the babushkas and dadushkas (grandmas & grandpas) can handle … Continue reading

Spring 2012 Missions Presentation [Video Outline]

   PRESENTATION OUTLINE:   1. Play this video and take questions. (The video and presentation together take roughly one hours time.)   2. Open in prayer and introduce my wife.   3. Historical highlights of Ukraine in those things most directly influencing the modern culture today.   4. Short Bible lesson on missions within a … Continue reading

A Means to a Means to a Means

Hello everyone. Just some thoughts from the hearts on asking people for money. Have any thoughts? You’re welcome to comment below.     For anyone curious, here is a link to the missions agency which oversees our monthly financial allowance:   INTERNATIONAL MESSENGERS   Link to blog on Scriptural Support for Support Raising —>HERE   … Continue reading