Project Odessa Life | Monthly Ministry/Prayer Update | August 2012

Did you know? Ukraine is considered to be 79.01% Christian by Operation World. According to Wikipedia a survey from 2006 indicates: Eastern Orthodox – 26.8% Catholic – 5.9% Protestants – 0.9% Jewish – 0.1% other – 3.8% no affiliation/not aware – 62.5% The Orthodox and the Catholics do not believe the Gospel means Jesus + … Continue reading

Friends in the Foxhole

There is a striking contrast between those living a peaceful, routine, Disneylandish sort of life at home and those who must face tragic realities of war or oppression as a normal part of life. There are many accurate parralels which can be made between war and our spiritual lives as Christians, as the Church. The … Continue reading



Financing Update

Just a hello and an encouragement to our financial team furthering God’s work in Odessa through us. Note: James Freeman was a Unitarian.  Beware!  🙂

Valeriia’s Update ~ October 2011

Hello my friends! Finally my dream is fulfilled and I am in the beginning of my special ministry. For years I had the desire to serve God every day of my life so I prayed to God so He would prepare me for full time ministry which means to leave my job to leave my … Continue reading

Monthly Ministry Update ~ October 2011

God is doing some great things in Ukraine!   During our first week at the Missionary Training Center I was blessed to find out we would be laying a foundation for ministry with training and emphasis on the spiritual disciplines. Now, throughout the entirety of the course we have been developing and integrating these disciplines … Continue reading

Monthly Ministry Update ~ July 2011 Am I Called to the Ministry?

In Ukraine: Well, ministry as a couple in Ukraine won’t officially begin at this point until we begin the Missionary Training Center in Sept. I know my wife, over in that hemisphere, was blessed by her grades on her finals exams, was able to work with a team from World Racers inviting pedestrians to our … Continue reading

Ministries in Ukraine: Directory

Ministries in Ukraine: Directory   I thought it might be beneficial to compile a directory of ministries I’m familiar with and are doing good for God’s glory in Ukraine. More will be added as times goes on and I am graced to become acquainted with more brothers and sisters in the faith.     Agape … Continue reading

Monthly Ministry Update ~ June 2011

  Hello friends!   This video was taken in Minneapolis from my friend Justin’s house who’s an evangelist and a missionary and founder of United for the Gospel.   Material covered in the video and a couple things I missed include:   Last months ministry focus: 1. My wife. Newlyweds living life and finishing up … Continue reading

Quick Hello

Hello friends.  Just dropping in to say a couple things about where we live in Odessa, my morning devotions including Robert Murray McCheyne Bible Reading Plan,  Voices from the Past, Morning and Evening w Allistair Begg, Fighter Verses, Acts29Network, TheResurgence, TheGospelCoalition, and The Story, and mention that I’m needing to do some video editing for the … Continue reading