Lera’s November Update

Hello my friends! Happy Thanksgiving! I have a lot to thank God for! I have learned a lot from our pastor and teacher friends who came to teach us in the Seaside Missionary Training Center. One thing I believe I benefited greatly from is the week we were encouraged to do spiritual disciplines, specifically, prayer, … Continue reading

Monthly Ministry Update ~ October 2011

God is doing some great things in Ukraine!   During our first week at the Missionary Training Center I was blessed to find out we would be laying a foundation for ministry with training and emphasis on the spiritual disciplines. Now, throughout the entirety of the course we have been developing and integrating these disciplines … Continue reading

Quick Hello

Hello friends.  Just dropping in to say a couple things about where we live in Odessa, my morning devotions including Robert Murray McCheyne Bible Reading Plan,  Voices from the Past, Morning and Evening w Allistair Begg, Fighter Verses, Acts29Network, TheResurgence, TheGospelCoalition, and The Story, and mention that I’m needing to do some video editing for the … Continue reading