English Club!

Every Saturday we meet at our church for English Club.  It is an event designed to teach people English and make opporunities for us to build relationships in our community with a gospel-centered missional agenda.  It works quite well.  People are invited by word of mouth, flyers we hand out in the neighborhood, or whenever … Continue reading

New Scripture Rendering!

Just thought I’d rewirite a portion of Scripture so that it fits better with some people’s theology.  Ephesians 1 would never fit into some people’s views unless we did a little tweaking to it.  It is to be a reminder that if we do not bow our knees to the truth of Scripture we are … Continue reading

Don't read into it.

Often people can be misunderstood.  This can either be the fault of the communicator or the listener.  Have you ever been misunderstood or misunderstood anyone?  All of us can answer yes. When I was in Bible College, as was typical for me, I raised my hand and asked the teacher a question.  As I remember, … Continue reading