If You Only Read One….Make It This One!

Monthly Ministry/Prayer Update The last couple weeks at camp has been one of the most fruitful and worthwhile things I have ever been involved in! To hear more just follow the link to the NEW VIDEO UPDATE. If you only ever watched just one of my video updates, please make it THIS ONE. 🙂   … Continue reading

Monthly Ministry/Prayer Update | March 2012

“But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.” 1 Corinthians 9:27 *To see our SPECIFIC PRAYER REQUESTS, scroll to the bottom. Thank you for praying! There was a man full of the Spirit who went to preach. He prayed and prepared and studied … Continue reading

Odessa, Ukraine, and the World | Then ’til Now | Part I

Today Ukraine’s population is primarily Slavic, whether Russian, Ukrainian, or Polish.  The Slavs have been here since day one, whenever that was, inhabiting this forrested plain region above the Black Sea, with Mountain ranges jutting up along the east and west side.  In times B.C. the Slavs which occupied the area today known as Ukraine, … Continue reading

A Christmas Note to Odessa & the World

This week I was upset about the fact that everywhere I go in Odessa I see Grandfather Frost decor and zero nativity sets.  I did manage to find one pretty small one of relatively poor quality.  I have since been informed that many churches do build their own.  It remains very noticeable though that communism … Continue reading

Financing Update/Prayer Update | December 2011

An important note: Lord willing, if everything goes well with the Visa application for Lera, we will be flying into Seattle March 7th just prior to Immersion Group training and returning to Ukraine out of L.A. on June 26th immediately following the Resolved Conference.  We are also hoping to be trained as Kairos Course facilitators … Continue reading

Don't read into it.

Often people can be misunderstood.  This can either be the fault of the communicator or the listener.  Have you ever been misunderstood or misunderstood anyone?  All of us can answer yes. When I was in Bible College, as was typical for me, I raised my hand and asked the teacher a question.  As I remember, … Continue reading

Vote Yes on Books for Ukraine!

The United States has a superfluous abundance of Christian books, churches, seminars, retreats, conferences, breakfasts, videos, and nick-nacks. Do we need more? Or should we just use what we have? What if we were to merely work on applying 20% of what we have already learned the first half of our lives, instead of continuing … Continue reading

Just Enough Russian To "Get Around"

It’s a little humbling living in a country where you don’t know the language. I remember the first time I sat on Polish airlines and the strangest feeling began to overtake me when I started to realize most the people sitting around me I couldn’t even speak to. Thank God the stewardess said, “Yes”, when I … Continue reading

Hymn Translation

For our wedding I was determined to have a hymn sung.  I wanted something which showcased the grace of Christ and where the melody was appropriate for the setting.  There is a hymn which Sandra McCracken sings on her album “The Builder and the Architect” which has profoundly touched my soul.  The depths of it’s … Continue reading