Why Jesus?

It’s hard to imagine an all-loving God creating and sending people to a place like Hell.  Surely there must be an explanantion for such a thing.  Jesus made many radical statements about some very radical things.  He actually claimed to be the only means by which a person can reach God.  He said He was exclusively the only path to the Sovereign Creator of all things.  That is a mightily bold claim!  

This page is filled with explanations, reasons, and evidences for such claims.  Christianity has the best answers for life’s toughest questions regarding existence, purpose and destiny.  Christianity best explains the world we live in from a scientific, philosophical, moral and supernatural perspective.  One outspoken atheist once said that, if we really believe what we say we believe about God and Hell, that we’d have to be pretty heartless not to do everything we could to prove God’s existence and warn the unbelieving.  We are here to do just that!

Follow the links below to find quotes, reasons, and resource links on the many reasons we believe Jesus is who He said He was, the only Way to God the Father.  May the God of Heaven and earth richly bless you and “open your eyes to behold wondrous things in His Word!”  (Ps. 119:18)


Proofs for God’s Existence


Reliability of Scripture


Proofs for Jesus Deity


Proofs for Jesus Historical Existence

Cultic/Heretical Views of Jesus


Answers for Life’s Toughest Questions



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